In August 2017 I travelled to St. Louis Missouri to attend a Starting Strength Seminar, this involved lectures and a physical platform evaluation. I was assessed as both a lifter and a coach.

The platform evaluation is an exhaustive assessment of a person’s ability and skill in delivering the Starting Strength model of barbell training and passing this evaluation demonstrated my ability to coach to this model. This was the first stage for certification as Starting Strength Coach.

The second and final stage is an an extensive examination of the theoretical underpinnings of the Starting Strength Model and the application the principles to the design and delivery of individual programs, the paper I submitted was approximately 15,000 words of principles, technical details and case studies.  I achieved a mastery level grading for this paper and this qualified me for registration as a Starting Strength Coach

For more information you can watch this video, courtesy of Starting Strength, which explains the Starting Strength Method and Starting Strength Coaching.