Introduction to the The Starting Strength Model.

Adelaide Strength Training utilises the Starting Strength model of training as expounded by Mark Rippetoe in his seminal book “Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training“.

The underlying principle for all physical development programs and philosophies is strength. A better quality of life, particularly as people age, is obtainable by the development of improved strength, this affects both physical and emotional well being.  Including increased ability to respond to physical challenges from injury and sickness, also emotional events that can lead to physical degradation.

Strength training benefits all age groups, however greatest benefit can be obtained by those in the older demographics. The training combats the decline in mobility and freedom of movement that is seen to occur increasingly across the older age groups.  Independence and access to a greater range of activities is maintained by training for strength.

The most effective way to improve strength is to perform movements against resistance that;

  • utilise the most muscle,
  • through the greatest range of motion, and
  • with the most possible weight.

The program is based on the principle of increasing over time the amount of weight (resistance) based on the rate of adaptation and recovery the individual experiences. This increase in weight forces more adaptation and recovery and you become stronger.

In 2017 Adelaide Strength Training Coach Ryan Burnell became the first South Australian to be certified as a Starting Strength Coach. It is a rigorous and lengthy process to obtain, and retain these sought after credentials. Find out more about the process of becoming a Starting Strength Coach.

Adelaide Strength Training is located at: 11A Richman Avenue, Prospect SA 5082


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